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April 2019
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The next patch is expected next Tuesday. It is with all likelihood it will include Clan Battles. I have been in meetings all week with Fleet Command for final assignments and we are very excited about the new dual squad clan structure WG is giving us. Because all Fleets have this dual squad structure Special Warfare, Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet will all be able to increase its roster size allowing more players access to higher level play. It will also allow commanders to have more direct contact with members to reassess as their abilities grow. So beginning this week we will be moving several Atlantic Fleet members over to Special Warfare Fleet and at the same time move several more members from Pacific over to Atlantic. When all said and done we expect All Fleets to be running close to max capacity providing a large pool of players. Add to that, the ability to have dual ratings and division leaders who can choose to take their team in as an Alpha team or a Bravo team based on personnel. This means more play time, less stress and a better environment for all. Fleet Commanders are now working on final rosters and they will be posted as they become available. Please watch this channel as well as the website for details and your assignments. We expect your complete cooperation in a simple transition. Until all rosters are complete, if you have any questions please direct them to any current Fleet Commander (Warpig, Killdare, Vermicelli) or to Fleet Forces Command (MissDeathy).



[PO1] Robinhood_ tag Weĺl done everyone.

Hello STW!

I am super excited to announce that Game Nights are back! We will be having them Tuesday's at 9pm EST/6pm PST starting June 19th. We have an awesome community, let's get together and have some fun and earn some bragging rights too! There will be some brief clan news, announcements about some upcoming events and then we will roll into our games. Hope to see you there!

Coming up this week: Derzki Battles.

Dust off your Derzki's or grab a new one and show everyone what you are made of! Please have your Derzki's ready before battle time. (T3 Russian destroyer)

Confederate_Submariner This was alot of fun and I look forward to the next one! I did not know who won, but I think that Wise_Dragon had the b...
[SN] gamagrass tag For us newbies, give us what game like is like? set ups?
[PO1] TheRealXXX tag Good to hear :)


I want to thank all who have participated in the last 4 weeks of Fleet Maneuvers. The first phase of these maneuvers were an open phase where players were randomly assigned to various commanders. This was intentional so we could get looks at as many players as possible. Please understand that we knew this would, at times, create mismatched teams but that is something every team will face any given night in CB. How you handled that adversity, how you handled your ship in an impossible situation is something we wanted to see to test your metal, so to speak.

We are now moving to phase 2 where we will begin the formation of teams. These teams will then function as a team for the next 4 weeks. Because these teams are not final, we will not be shifting everyone’s Task Force (clan) Tags. We will, however, be adding tags to your discord profile so you can communicate both with your current in game Task Force as well as your team for Fleet Maneuvers. We hope everyone will be clear on this but if you find anyone ignorant to this post, please refer them here.

In closing, one more time I would like to remind those of you who have not participated in any Fleet Maneuvers that the most recent info we have on you is the same info we had last season, so it is very likely you will remain in the same clan as last season.

Thank you all again for the work you have been doing these last few weeks. We are MUCH tighter than we were going into season two and as I promised.. the system is being improved and refined and we will ALWAYS have CB play for anyone who wants it.


FADM Killdare

Chief of Naval Operations

[CC] _Killdare_ tag Took a break for Memorial Day Weekend but we are back live this coming Sunday June 3rd 8pm EST. Hope to see you all ther...
[SN] gamagrass tag Took part on two thus far. for those who have not please take the time in one. You will gain a lot of insight and hel...
[PO2] ryan_joe tag Are there still live fleet maneuvers on sundays? Or is it completely over? For myself and those wondering.

Greetings all,

We wanted to inform everyone of a new procedural change regarding new recruits and Task Force assignment. Before Clan Battles, new recruits waited a minimum of two weeks before receiving a Task Force assignment. At that time, the only benefit of wearing tags was to showed that you were a member of STW, bragging rights. Now, with Task Force upgrades, a 72 hour cooldown, and other factors, there is a benefit to receiving tags before the end of the recruitment phase.

All that being said, we have decided that recruits may now be assigned a Task Force during their recruitment phase. Though we will make every effort to assign all members to the appropriate Task Force, scheduling may not allow us to do this. In these cases, members may be assigned to an interim Task Force which will allow us time to properly assess and assign the appropiate Task Force. Keep in mind that tags are a priviledge, not a right. If you have any questions or concerns, please see your proper chain of command.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate these waters together, as every day seems to bring on a new adventure.

Warm regards,

ADM MissDeathy

Fleet Forces Command

Live Fleet Exercises

Attention on deck!

This Sunday night the 22nd of April at 8pm EST Atlantic and Pacific Fleets along with some help from NSWC will be hosting Joint Live Fleet Exercises. These exercises will be one night a week (Sundays for now) until such time as we are able to add additional nights. Members from the various task forces will be training together. This will be the first of many nights over the next several months in preparation for the next Clan Battle Season. This is not to be confused with our game nights which we will be starting up as well in the next few weeks.

Any member interested in participating in these exercises must have a Tier 10 ship. For the early exercises we will accommodate any T10 but as the exercises become more specific we will request T10s from our Meta with 19 point captains so keep working on them.  Our current Meta is as follows:

BB’s: Montana, Yamato or Republic (Situational)

CA’s: Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, Henry or Zao

DD’s: Yueyang, Gearing, or Shimikaze (Situational)

These exercises will have a dual purpose. They will give us a chance to help raise the bar across all fleets while giving strat callers the ability to gain new knowledge of the maps and opponents faced by all task forces in this past season. The other purpose is to provide an avenue for players to show Fleet Command that they have the ability to perform at a higher level than last season. We have already identified some members who will be moving fleets. But we know there are more of you out there who may also be included.  

Please understand this is your chance to show us what you can do. During the season Fleet Commanders are unable to look over members from other fleets. It is now where we are commiting the time to do so. Those of you that show up and take advantage of this time will be considered. Those of you who disappear for 4 months and just show up at the start of next season will remain with your current task forces.

We will muster on teamspeak in Naval Operations “Meeting/Training room”


FADM _Killdare_

[RDC] Thunderbunny1 tag you know nothing jon snow
[PO2] Jamesalot_ET tag Forget all that, super destroyers(khab) ftw. lol
[CC] _Killdare_ tag Perhaps I should have left the word "situational" out. Because one could argue quite a few ships....
Hi all, spoke with CaptChris by phone this morning (your afternoon) and he is doing okay and seems stoic. Take the time to wish him well...
can i join
It did or it has limited number so even it's available until April 1st it just ran out before expire
that code dooesnt work on NA